Wine Locker Download – Ep. 1

Ok, let’s give this a go. I know it’s December now, but give me a break. Our family just had a kid and instead of drinking wine, I’m walking the lad around this wonderful city under my coat. The good news is that I’ve finally decided to ‘get at it’. I just hope I can ‘keep at it’. If my uncle can do it, so can I.

So here’s the setup. I think I’d like Uncle Hall to be so much more than my monthly wine locker. But I have to start somewhere, and it’s as good a place as any. Each month I’ll post a video on the channel of me opening up my wine locker. Then, I’ll put a voting button on the video and see which wine gets the most votes for review. Let’s be clear, I really don’t care about reviewing wine, at least not the way others do it. My aim here is to open up a bottle, do a little research, share a little info and hopefully have some fun with it along the way. I have a few other ideas as well. It’s all meant to be a positive distraction and perhaps it will help to justify it all.

Link to the vid

This month’s wines:
1. ‘Elise’ 2014 (old vines) Côtes du Roussillon Villages – Chateau Rombeau
2. Chenin Blanc 2017 – L’Ecole No.41
3. Riesling 2018 – Syncromesh
4. Reserva Rioja 2014 – Bodegas Izadi
5. Grillo 2017 – Feudo Maccari

stay tuned for the re-view(s)