Who the *$@#K is James Suckling, and why does he like Grillo (and himeself) so much?


Wine Name: Olli

Verdict: A wine worth respecting, or else!

Price: about 23 bucks

Purchased at: The Coop

Harvest Year: 2017

Producer: Feudo Maccari

Region/Appellation: Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP)

Country: Italy (Sicily)

Grape(s): Grillo


When you open the ‘press reports‘ page for this wine on the Canadian agent’s site (Trialto), you’re met with a wine review from James Suckling. I don’t know James, but heh, if you want to become a wine snob, here’s his Master Class. Slightly entertained by the fact that the review of James Suckling is longer than the review of the wine. If James was a wine, what would his tasting note be?

White in color, very white, with a sparkle of privilege. On the nose, an overwhelming smell of Axe body spray tempered with the spicy smell of the fancy leather-bound tasting notebook, and overdue lilac bush. My palate bursts open with gripping yet supple tastes of a 90 point score, married with a bunch of smells and tastes that most mere mortals wouldn’t even understand (or have tasted). The finish, well, it lingers like those recurring nightmares you have of high school. The ones where you are naked, everyone’s laughing, and you’re just not as good as the cool kids.

Wine Align – https://www.winealign.com/wines/114651-Feudo-Maccari-Olli-Grillo-2017

Vivino – https://www.vivino.com/feudo-maccari-grillo/w/1469116?year=2017

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