Who the *$@#K is James Suckling, and why does he like Grillo (and himeself) so much?


Wine Name: Olli

Verdict: A wine worth respecting, or else!

Price: about 23 bucks

Purchased at: The Coop

Harvest Year: 2017

Producer: Feudo Maccari

Region/Appellation: Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP)

Country: Italy (Sicily)

Grape(s): Grillo


When you open the ‘press reports‘ page for this wine on the Canadian agent’s site (Trialto), you’re met with a wine review from James Suckling. I don’t know James, but heh, if you want to become a wine snob, here’s his Master Class. Slightly entertained by the fact that the review of James Suckling is longer than the review of the wine. If James was a wine, what would his tasting note be?

White in color, very white, with a sparkle of privilege. On the nose, an overwhelming smell of Axe body spray tempered with the spicy smell of the fancy leather-bound tasting notebook, and overdue lilac bush. My palate bursts open with gripping yet supple tastes of a 90 point score, married with a bunch of smells and tastes that most mere mortals wouldn’t even understand (or have tasted). The finish, well, it lingers like those recurring nightmares you have of high school. The ones where you are naked, everyone’s laughing, and you’re just not as good as the cool kids.

Wine Align – https://www.winealign.com/wines/114651-Feudo-Maccari-Olli-Grillo-2017

Vivino – https://www.vivino.com/feudo-maccari-grillo/w/1469116?year=2017

Neré Not Apothic


Wine Name: Neré

Verdict: Light and tasty, thumbs up!!!

Price: too lazy to find it

Purchased at: The Coop

Harvest Year: 2017

Producer: Feudo Maccari (Nobilterra SRL)

Region/Appellation: Sicilia

Country: Italy

Grape(s): Nero d’Avola

I cracked this wine while making supper, it was a good one to sip on. I found that once dinner was done, it was a good fit!

definitely not Apothic
Costco riblets, roasted potato and onion, steamed broc

Bunnahabhain Relax Time

Here’s a little more context on the video. We arrived on Islay a wee bit late in the day on Wednesday, and promptly took a jog to Coal Ila. Closed for construction:(. So we decided to continue to Bunnahabhain. However, Emily at Ardnahoe was so lovely, that we had to stop and soak up some of the local intel. We arrived at Bunnahabhain just a wee bit too late for the shop. It was just fine as it was too late for tours anyhow, and we took it as an excuse to shoot photos and video. The following is a product of the quiet peace of Bunnahabhain by the sea.

Later I’ll figure out how to embed the YouTube. For now just chase the link below. Never mind, it all just works 😉

Coming soon

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. It’s hard to stay on the whisky trail AND type with thumbs. Campbeltown was great! Here’s a teaser of where we just landed.

View of the Lagavulin Distillery from our cottage window!
On the way to Warehouse 9 at Bunnahabhain

The Retask – Al Waxman Tribute Photo Walk

The Union Pearson Express takes 25 minutes from the airport to downtown. Plenty of time to fiddle extensively with your gear and realize that you brought WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

I promise that not all the photos of this momentous event will be taken on my phone. Dave has wifi on his phone, I do not, so more pics will be uploaded in time.

The Route – https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1_5OO2Ptr9Xfjnz1ZFrV6N0PQDJJIXvVa&shorturl=1

Union-Pearson Express

it all starts March 8th, 2019

Follow us. Dave, Duncan and Rob.

It begins with Dave and Rob starting their trek from Saskatoon to Glasgow (via Dublin and Toronto). During the Toronto layover, our first photo walk is planned.

The Al Waxman Tribute Photo Walk

If you’d like to join us on all, or part, of the photo walk then feel free to try find us, if ya can!



You know the drill.

Later that day (night) we get back on a plane, and head east. Ultimately, we are bound for where the whisky is. Keep checking in as it unfolds!