it all starts March 8th, 2019

Follow us. Dave, Duncan and Rob.

It begins with Dave and Rob starting their trek from Saskatoon to Glasgow (via Dublin and Toronto). During the Toronto layover, our first photo walk is planned.

The Al Waxman Tribute Photo Walk

If you’d like to join us on all, or part, of the photo walk then feel free to try find us, if ya can!

You know the drill.

Later that day (night) we get back on a plane, and head east. Ultimately, we are bound for where the whisky is. Keep checking in as it unfolds!

4 thoughts on “it all starts March 8th, 2019”

  1. Hey Rob….now this looks like a good use of social media. Looking forward to stalking you and your posse.

      1. I have a name for you on the Island of Islay as written in my family tree:
        Mary Ann MacDonald born May 18, 1883. She has since moved. Died in Osprey Township ON.
        I wonder if there is any room over there for an ole Scot to patriate and be supported as he seeks his entitlement. A loaf, a pint and a wee dram a day should suffice.

        1. If Auntie Mary Ann MacDonald is hopeless to investigate you might try my Uncle John or Alexander….Smith. 🤓

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